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Library Services
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Library Services
LIBRARY Services & Facilities

The WBU Library offers great conveniences!

The Western Balkans University Library, which has a wide collection and a wide range of resources, offers a series of very useful facilities to maximize the use of the library and make the search more practical.

From library computers to the world
For academic libraries, computers are very important tools to make research more detailed and consequently more effective. Computers in the library are very useful for different purposes; Academic and scientific studies, to get extra information about the subject, search for different online resources, search for physical and electronic resources in the library catalog, find more detailed information and update your own knowledge.
In this nature, our academic library attaches great importance to this issue in terms of successful studies, and therefore includes many computers with the best identity information that our university community can benefit from computers as allowed in regulation. Thus, all electronic, online and physical resources can be easily accessed.

Exclusive places for individual or group works
Study rooms in the WBU Library can be found for many students who will work at the same time for individual or group work. These rooms will give you the opportunity to work in free space you need, or allow you to work with your friends, where you can make discuss or share ideas.


Services that library users can systematically benefit through the library within the specified rules.

Lend a resource

Lend a resource

You can borrow resources
from the library within
the specified rules.

On-site use of the library

On-site use of the library

You can use Library with its large-spacious research environment with a capacity of more than hundred seats and all its various resources

online resources

Search & access online resources for free

Offers free access to its members, making research deeper and detailed.

Search library resources

Search library resources from one place

All of the resources obtained by the WBU library in different formats can be searched in the library catalogue.

Access e-resources

Access e-resources from library or remote

You can search e-resources, access thousands of e-books & e-journals. You can also access the databases remotely, If it is allowed by the authority.



Rules & Regulations

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