WBU Library


A strong partner of new generations and future professionals

Western Balkans University’s Library is an academic library that will bring together printed and digital elements in a physical and a virtual space in accordance with the university curriculum. And library users can benefit from the library collections within specific rules.

The main intention of our university library is to provide support for the students and faculty members of the educational institution in the research, consultancy and resource linkage.

The WBU Academic Library, which will offer effective search techniques, provides a quiet work area for campus students; It also provides group work area like study rooms.

Our Library Team which increases the resources of the library every new day by considering the reliability and impartiality criteria, will be happy to help its members in search of information. You can ask for help from our well-informed staff to find relevant resources, browse online resources or access to e-resources.


Who can join our library?




Academic & Adminitrative Staff


Researchers from our partner institutions


Library Mission

To meet the requirements of the educational institution environment as a library, increase productivity with effective research techniques, pave the way for the development of science and be the partner of a powerful community that brings people together, promotes creativity, and lifelong learning.


Library Vision

The main vision of the library is to be a friendly environment for our community where everyone comes to learn, explore and produce. And to contribute to every discovery, innovation and improvement that will ensure the development of science.


The WBU Library will fulfill its mission and vision by:

  • Providing a warm and hospitable environment for its members to come together
  • Choosing a source on the criteria of reliability and impartiality
  • Focusing on the interests and needs of users
  • Creating a collaborative and positive environment
  • Taking care to affect the education and professional life of its community in a dynamic way
  • Providing equal and fair access to library materials

Will perfectly defend the rights of all library lovers!

WBU Library

The best academic library is to provide the best educational environment

In the Western Balkans University Library, students can carry out academic studies and research that they will do throughout their education life. The primary function of the WBU Library is to bring together knowledge on the one hand and people on the other. Libraries are often organized as traditional, digital or hybrid, and WBU Library, which chooses the hybrid library option, will have print and electronic resources. This will make it possible to search for information in virtual and real environment.
Further that, the other amazing facilities you will find here are truly special and some of the most surprising are the Library's great hall with it's workstation computers, study rooms, relax corners! It is a large and spacious research environment with more than a hundred seats capacity. Students can meet there, relax, read various books and gain extensive knowledge. Academics too can find intellegence and lifelong learning at Western Balkans University.



Rules & Regulations

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